Where is my Leverage t-shirt?

I'm missing a t-shirt. I vow to post a pic every day of one of my other t-shirts until I find it. Kind of like a reverse ransom thing.

Day 60: Chuck Finley
Pop Culture Reference: Burn Notice
Where I got it: Comic-Con
When I got it: 2010

A story: I’m currently at Comic-Con with my sister and another friend. Tops on our list of stuff to see is the USA Network lineup (Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Psych) closely followed by Castle, Big Bang Theory, and Torchwood. Last year was my first year at the show and while sitting in the Burn Notice panel - where they announced the Sam Axe movie - they started handing out these tickets like you get at a raffle drawing. I was so perplexed. It didn’t have a number on it, so they weren’t actually raffling anything. And the tickets just kept coming at the White Collar and Burn Notice panels. Turns out you have to take them to a “fulfillment room” at a nearby hotel and then they give you sweet, sweet t-shirt goodness (or other things like gigantic bags that are taller than I am). So here’s the t-shirt from Burn Notice, which is all about Sam’s alter ego, Chuck Finley.

(Source: comic-con.org)

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