Where is my Leverage t-shirt?

I'm missing a t-shirt. I vow to post a pic every day of one of my other t-shirts until I find it. Kind of like a reverse ransom thing.

Day 110: Day Camp
Pop Culture Reference: None
Where I got it: Camp Fire Day Camp
When I got it: 1989

A story: My oldest friend is getting married today. Not oldest in age, but more we’ve been friends since we were two. So I thought I’d put this shirt up because I know for a fact we went to this camp together. I’m not sure why my mom had this shirt saved, after all I went to Day Camp many, many years in a row. Maybe it’s because it was Washington’s centennial year. Or because it was the year she worked as a nurse at camp. Or it was the year that Day Camp was at my brother and sister’s lush high school campus. No clue, but I pulled this out of the keepsake trunk while at my dad’s house and earmarked it for this day. So congrats to AD and her husband-to-be. Who knew when we were making godseyes way back in the day that we’d end up here?

(Source: campfireusaorca.org)

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