Where is my Leverage t-shirt?

I'm missing a t-shirt. I vow to post a pic every day of one of my other t-shirts until I find it. Kind of like a reverse ransom thing.
My TARDIS costume is ready for trick or treating! I self fived myself when I finished a whole day early.

My TARDIS costume is ready for trick or treating! I self fived myself when I finished a whole day early.

Day 259: Super Best Friends Forever
Pop Culture Reference: Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Bat Girl
Where I got it: Hot Topic
When I got it: 2012

A story: I wish I had something profound to say about being a girl in a geek world and how sometimes that’s hard, but how great it is to see female superheroes being awesome and funny together. However, I really just want to scream “you face defeat at the hands of the seh-buffs!” like Wonder Girl. Too bad they only made a few of the shorts, I thought they were quite clever.



Day 258: Pink Floyd
Pop Culture Reference: Pink Floyd
Where I got it: Target
When I got it: 2013

A story: I surprised my BFF this weekend for her birthday. We did a murder mystery dinner boat cruise last night with a group of her friends. Our theme was a CD release party for a rock and roll legend, and the company putting it on encourages dress up. My other friend helped me add cuts to this Pink Floyd shirt (side note: Target has really stepped up their line of graphic tees). I also did feather earrings, some green hair extensions, aviators, and a motorcycle jacket. I would have gone bigger, but we came from another activity so it needed to be easily changed into. Anyway, today is BFF’s actual birthday, so happy day!

Day 257: Crazy Straw
Pop Culture Reference: Slightly Catherine Tate Show
Where I got it: Shirt.Woot
When I got it: 2013

A story: You know how they say your first doctor is the one you love the best (Doctor Who fans, not like your pediatrician)? Well when I started watching Doctor Who it was during Donna Noble’s run with Ten and I pretty much fell in love with her. To use the same logic, she’s MY companion. Even though I started from the 2005 episodes, I had heard so much about how awesome she was that it could only be true. (And it was, even the screeching in Runaway Bride, because that’s her character arc in that episode, darn it!) Anyway, one day in 2008 I was perusing YouTube for Catherine Tate clips and came upon her Red Nose Day sketches. They’re all pretty fantastic - Are you disrespecting the House of Cooper?!? - but my favorite is Elaine Figgis, the clueless online dater who ends up, briefly, with Daniel Craig. Over the course of a weekend I pretty much memorized the clip and passed it on to my friends. One of them, LondonFriend, also appreciated it and so we spent probably the next three months quoting it to each other, and possibly making IM icons. At one point Elaine asks Daniel if he wants a “Normal straw or crazy straw” to use with a drink. So, of course, we ended up getting each other crazy straws for Christmas (she got me the loopy ones you have when you’re a kid, I got her ones with joints that you can build with). Then I saw this shirt and knew it had to be ours. Her birthday is today and I sent her one, so I hope she opens her gift before checking the Internet!

Day 256: Dodgers
Pop Culture Reference: None
Where I got it: “With a Z” got it at Target
When I got it: 2013

A story: I have playoff tickets tonight with my family (and they’d BETTER WIN). It’s my first playoff game EVER and I’m pretty excited. However, I pulled out my Brooklyn Dodgers jersey last night and there’s a giant stain on it. Luckily “With a Z,” my friend who is slightly homeless and lives on my floor, was at Target picking up a new air mattress (she’s been through three since July 2012) and found me this awesome replacement. If you’re at the game tonight say hi - I’m sure I’ll be the only one in a Dodger t-shirt.

Day 255: Powell’s Books
Pop Culture Reference: Does Powell’s count?
Where I got it: PDX airport
When I got it: 2013

A story: This is my new favorite shirt because it is soooooo soft. Also: Purple. I took my nephew to see his uncles a couple of weeks ago as his parents didn’t want him flying alone (I had to be in Portland for work meetings and brought him along, then invaded their guys’ week with my estrogen). So I picked this shirt up at the bookstore in the airport right before we flew home. But anyway, if you’ve never been, dear reader (see what I did there?), Powell’s is supposedly the world’s largest independent used and new bookstore. The flagship store in downtown Portland occupies a whole city block and multiple floors. You can get a map when you enter! It is fantastic and I try and pick up a few books whenever I’m in Portland. Also, my room mate just threw away both of my Powell’s water bottles (we have ants, she’s being vicious) so this is my only remaining merchandise. Sniff.

Day 254: Seahorses Swimming in Ramen
Pop Culture Reference: None
Where I got it: Kohl’s/Target
When I got it: 2013

A story: This is what happens when you and your boobs go out for ramen in San Francisco. I’m going to be spending quality time with Shout Wipes tonight.

Day 253: Path to Exascale
Pop Culture Reference: None
Where I got it: Former co-worker
When I got it: 2013

A story: I had a very little hand in coming up with the logo, so they gave me a shirt. My Intel shirt collection is starting to rival Doctor Who in terms of sheer numbers.

Day 252: Enterprise
Pop Culture Reference: Star Trek
Where I got it: Stylin Online (http://www.stylinonline.com/t-shirt-star-trek-uss-enterprise-whitewash.html)
When I got it: 2013

A story: Much like the TARDIS from Doctor Who, the Enterprise is probably my favorite character throughout the multiple Star Trek series and movies. When I went to see the Borg episodes shown in theaters a couple of weeks ago I actually started crying when it first soared across the screen (big dork, right here). It probably had something to do with my childhood. However, I’m a little concerned because it looks like we’re in for another Enterprise crash in the new movie and I just can’t handle that kind of destruction to my baby.

Day 251: Ultimate TV Fan
Pop Culture Reference: PaleyFest
Where I got it: Won it
When I got it: 2013 - this week

A story: I WON SOMETHING!!! Every year I go to PaleyFest, a TV festival with various casts. This year I went to panels for Once Upon a Time, Newsroom, Nashville and Big Bang Theory. So afterward I filled out their online survey, mainly so I could tell them how awkward the Newsroom panel was for anyone who wasn’t a journalism major (Piers Morgan’s questions to the cast were laser focused on their views on the role of today’s cable news channels). Anyway, after filling out the survey, I was randomly selected for a prize. I got a PaleyFest t-shirt, badges for the panels I went to, and the 2012 PaleyFest booklet autographed by the cast of Once Upon a Time (Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Lana Parilla, Robert Carlyle, Raphael Sbarge, and Adam Horowitz). This is brilliant, I never win anything! I’m currently trying to figure out how to shadowbox everything. Thank you Paley Center!